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Iceland Moss: The Miracle of Nature

Iceland Moss: The Miracle of Nature

Welcome back, dear Alchemists! Today we have a special jewel of nature for you: Iceland moss. This moss is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a true miracle cure. So let's dive into the magical world of this unique plant.

What is Icelandic Moss?

Icelandic moss, also known as Island moss or scientifically as Cetraria islandica, is a bushy lichen that is widespread throughout Europe. It grows in cushion-shaped bushes that can be 4 to 12 centimeters high. The individual branches branch out like antlers and are rigid, scaly, and often sinuously bent. They are brown-green on the top and white-green on the bottom. The 3 to 6 millimeter flat bands are regularly toothed at the edge.

Where Can You Find Icelandic Moss?

Icelandic moss is a true globetrotter and is spread all over Europe. However, it feels particularly comfortable at higher altitudes, such as in the Swiss Alps between 1500 and 2500 m altitude. Also in its namesake Iceland, it is widespread and forms up to 20 cm thick cushions there. But beware, hikers! These cushions can cover gaps in the lava field and therefore pose a danger.

The Healing Power of Icelandic Moss

Now we come to the exciting part, dear Alchemists! Icelandic moss is not only beautiful to look at, but also a real star in phytotherapy. As early as the 17th century, it was mentioned in a pharmacopoeia. Today, the whole or crushed thallus (that's the vegetative part of the lichen) is used. It contains mucilages and bitter-tasting lichen acids.

What Can Icelandic Moss Do?

Icelandic moss is a real all-rounder. It relieves dry cough and inflammation in the mouth and throat and can help with temporary loss of appetite. It contains bitter substances, lichen acids, iodine, mucilages, and vitamins A, B1, and B12. It has a soothing effect on the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat and is also used for inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa. In addition, it works against nausea, stimulates the appetite, invigorates, and strengthens.


Icelandic moss is a true miracle of nature and a valuable component in the world of natural remedies. It is another example of how Mother Nature provides us with effective remedies that can help with a variety of complaints. So, dear Alchemists, let's use the magic of nature and include Icelandic moss in our alchemy!

Until next time, stay healthy and curious!