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About me

Welcome to Crazy Alchemist, your gateway to a world of magic, mysticism and alchemy. My name is Rade Kolbas and I am your guide on this fascinating journey.

Born and raised in Bosnia and Croatia, I discovered my passion for alchemy when I moved to Germany and later to Switzerland. Here, in the picturesque city of St. Gallen, I founded Crazy Alchemist to share my love of alchemy, mysticism and history with others.

At Crazy Alchemist, I offer a variety of classes where you can learn how to make perfume, create herbal blends, and even brew magical potions. Each course is a unique experience that will take you into the world of scents, aromas and alchemy. You can learn more about the courses I offer by clicking here.

In addition to the classes, I also run an online store where I offer a selection of beautiful medieval woodblock prints as posters or prints on clothing. Each piece is unique and brings a piece of history to your home or closet.

But Crazy Alchemist is more than just classes and an online store. It's also a place where I share my thoughts, ideas and stories with you. On my website I publish new posts and exciting stories about the past, alchemy, mysticism, legends, herbs, scents, recipes, movies, series, books, music and more every day. It's a place to learn, discover and be inspired.

I invite you to join me on this magical journey. Whether you join a class, browse my store, or just read my posts, I hope you find something at Crazy Alchemist to spark your imagination and touch your heart.

Welcome to Crazy Alchemist. The journey begins here.