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Album of the week: ADN Baroque by Théophile Alexandre and Guillaume Vincent

Album of the week: ADN Baroque by Théophile Alexandre and Guillaume Vincent

Welcome to our album of the week! This time we present you "ADN Baroque", a fascinating musical journey created by French countertenor Théophile Alexandre and concert pianist Guillaume Vincent. This album is a worldwide first, as it is the first time that Baroque music is presented in a piano voice.

About the album

The album "ADN Baroque" is a triple manifesto. It is a musical manifesto that represents a contemporary reinvention of baroque music in piano voice. It is a bold artistic statement that strips its ornamental arias to offer new minimalist versions that almost seem like songs, driven by the powerful intimacy of piano and voice.

It's also a humanist manifesto. "ADN Baroque" is a journey in a minor key into the emotional DNA of the human being. In 21 pieces, like the 21 grams of human soul weight, it introduces us to the strengths and vulnerabilities of our humanity and exposes the perfectly imperfect human beings that we are.

Finally, "ADN Baroque" is a creative manifesto. It is a statement of freedom through its reinvention in piano voice, far from the tradition of the ancient instruments, yet respectful of their spirit, to make this music live differently, enrich its interpretations and reach all listeners.

About the artists

Théophile Alexandre is an exceptional artist who is both an outstanding countertenor and a great dancer. He collaborates with the French lyrical-choreographic society "Up to the Moon" to create a new bridge between the arts, mixing different artistic disciplines at the highest level - music, singing, dance, visual arts, literature - to create innovative forms of shows that evoke new and renewed emotions in a wider audience.

Guillaume Vincent is a renowned concert pianist known for his profound and emotional performances. He has received numerous awards and performs regularly in prestigious concert halls around the world.

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We hope you enjoy this discovery as much as we do. Stay tuned for more album recommendations in the coming weeks!